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Guangzhou's convention and exhibition industry has returned to normal: some hotels have occupancy rates exceeding 80%

Date: 2020-08-12

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce stated on August 11 that the exhibition industry in Guangzhou had returned to normal. Thanks to the exhibition, the hotel occupancy rate in Pazhou area of Guangzhou has rebounded sharply since July, and some have exceeded 80%.

The pazhou area of Guangzhou (where the International Convention and Exhibition Center is located) has successfully held 36 exhibitions for more than a month, with a total exhibition area of approximately 880,000 square meters, and a total of approximately 700,000 visitors.

As the most important exhibition city in China, Guangzhou held a total of 690 exhibitions in key venues in 2019, with a total exhibition area of 10,420,200 square meters. The number and area of exhibitions held in mainland cities are second only to Shanghai. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, 112 exhibitions originally planned to be held from February to June this year have been postponed or cancelled, involving an exhibition area of approximately 5 million square meters. Due to the spread of foreign epidemics, the 127th Canton Fair was also held online.

Industry insiders believe that the industry correlation coefficient of the exhibition industry is 1:9, that is, one unit of the exhibition industry can drive the income of 9 related industry units. In fact, exhibitions are a platform for the real economy and consumer services, and a weather vane for the overall economic recovery.

On June 10, Guangzhou tested the waters to hold the Guangzhou International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition, with an exhibition area of 36,000 square meters, and 18,000 professional purchasers, who gained important experience in organizing exhibitions during the normalized epidemic prevention and control period. On July 8, the 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Building and Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China Construction Expo) was held as scheduled. The exhibition area is nearly 300,000 square meters. This is the largest scale in the country and even the world since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia at the beginning of this year. In the exhibition, a total of 190,000 visitors were recorded during the 4-day exhibition period. All exhibitors and visitors made real-name appointments to enter the exhibition. The on-site order was in order, which greatly boosted the confidence in the development of the industry.

From July to August 11, exhibition halls in Guangzhou Pazhou area have successfully held 36 exhibitions. The topics of the exhibitions involve architectural decoration, furniture, national defense technology, biomedical equipment, industrial automation, textile equipment, automobiles, environmental protection, smart property, animation , Toys, new retail, cross-border e-commerce, epidemic prevention materials, cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment and many other fields.

Benefiting from the exhibition, the occupancy rates of hotels in the Pazhou area of Guangzhou, such as The Westin Canton Fair, Poly Hotel, Poly Intercontinental Hotel, etc., have all increased from less than 20% in the first half of the year to over 80% in July. Shangri-La Hotel In July, the occupancy rate of Nanfeng Langham Place Hotel was also close to 60%.

The staff of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control trend, the city restarted its commerce and trade economy. The city jointly organized a series of consumer promotion activities, and consumption gradually increased. With the comprehensive restart of the exhibition industry, consumption will usher in more growth momentum.