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Guangzhou rent the apartment stores up to 50000

Date: 2019-09-21

In recent years, with the lease policy gradually to the ground, guangzhou (real estate) mooring combine with vanke has been formed, rubik's cube apartments, and a number of brands in longhu crown combine both market pattern.Latest statistics show that centralized in guangzhou rent the apartment for the opening stores more than 300, the overall amount of about 50000.Rent, yuexiu district to rent 140 yuan/square metre, the top.

Guangzhou rent the apartment hundreds of brand

In July this year, the ministry of public in 2019, the central government support the development of the housing rental market pilot shortlist for cities, jinan (buildings) on the list.As early as in 2017, guangzhou was successively for "hot housing lease pilot urban development" and "collective construction land rental housing pilot project".National development and housing rental business determination, guangzhou positive response.Since 2017, guangzhou blue ocean rent the apartment market opportunities, capital vying for various apartment brands into a period of rapid expansion.Two years, guangzhou has formed with vanke mooring combine, rubik's cube apartments, and a number of brands in longhu crown combine market pattern of coexistence.

According to g and statistics show that urban rental system centralized in guangzhou rent the apartment to open stores more than 300, between the total amount of about 50000, involves the apartment brand about 100, which contains the national chain brand and guangzhou local apartment brand operators.With unique economic and location advantages, the tianhe district has number of stores, or number of properties, market share in the first place, become the most popular with brand apartment layout area, followed by zhuhai.

In addition, the centralized in guangzhou rent the apartment stores with 69% concentrated in the central area, 31% in the peripheral zone, most of the project is near metro, BRT traffic is very convenient.As idle prime downtown is decreasing in the future is expected to guangzhou rent the apartment or will be more to the downtown area along the metro lines.

, according to the guangzhou bureau of statistics data released by the guangzhou district, the population of permanent residents in the most area of baiyun district, about 2.7143 million people.Panyu district, followed by 1.777 million people.To this end, China vanke mooring contain, the couplet red injection, enjoy brands such as apartment merchants began layout districts.G and think, the subway traffic throughout the two regional population, convenience, and the white clouds and panyu for housing rent is low, there is a big space for development.

Yuexiu rent the apartment rents

According to g and urban rental system, according to the guangzhou city centralized unilaterally rent rent the apartment is about 74 yuan/square meters, the yuexiu district to rent 140 yuan/square metre, the top.Hai and tianhe district is also higher rent area, among them, the pearl river new town and pazhou plate is geared to the needs of the customers business executives and foreign travel business people, such people rent low sensitivity, pursue high quality living environment.To pazhou poly yue service apartments, for example, in the N + 35 square meters single room rent of about 7500 yuan (including management fees).And guangzhou XiaoWenXiao, chief market analyst said, nearly ninety percent in the city state of full rent apartment stores, illustrate the warden to rent the apartment rent within the scope of the tenant accepts, most flat price is reasonable, the guangzhou market also there is a big demand.