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The New Tianhe Hotel (Guangzhou Xintianhe Binguan) is a short walk away from the Tianhe Sports Center and Tianhe Commercial Square,  and just west of an MTR Station entrance.
      Guests will find tasty meals in a variety of food and beverage outlets in this Guangzhou hotel including Chinese and Western restaurants,  as well as in a nearby food street and café.[View Detail]    

住客评论 828条评论     4.0分/5分 更多
  • doris1do
    Which is very nice!
  • alida
    Hotel location excellent, located in Guangzhou City Center, Metro, bus station a few minutes away, close to the Tianhe city, broad hundred, Grandview Mall, go to.
  • candybear411
    Hotel cost-effective, convenient, have stayed several times.
  • maxiaogen
    Good good good good good
  • l Old Yu
    Convenient metro station in 5 minutes. the surrounding environment good, restaurant is very convenient for shopping. good health, that is, old facilities, cost is still relatively high.
  • alwaysC
    Very convenient location, is in the city centre, but due to street, floor, there would be no noise, is the old facilities, if we can improve and if prices do not change, it would have been perfect
    Hotel very clean, very close to the Tianhe city. is the elevator too far, there are very old!
  • ada52216
  • sd3493537
    Pretty good
  • es1111
  • bijun
    The hotel is a bit old, beds a bit small ... really
  • e00074905
    The starting point for day trips, and easy.
  • dapang
    Good location, convenient, surrounded by shopping malls, eating convenient, next business trip choose to live here!
  • Jenny66
    Old, but easily accessible
  • mcmadruga
    Great location, convenient, sanitary clean, facilities are generally
  • filmfan
    Help a relative clause, reflect general satisfaction, the transportation is convenient, nearby shopping malls everywhere, is just one of the room's sprinkler heads bad, hope hotel followed up in a timely manner, all in all was a good choice.
  • linli_liu
    Satisfied, the traffic is very convenient, to the airport, Shang Xia JIU pedestrian street, convenient to the GUI Hua gang leather city, very close to the Metro, breakfast was tasty. near Tianhe city, there are many snack and shop around. Although short on business, however, I couldn't help but buy buy buy, rewarding experience ~ ~
  • e05274893
    In addition to lots better, nothing else. Prices refer to it staying, has the following disadvantages; 1. the facilities obsolete, some light does not shine. 2. the room is very poor. Lin Mu room drainage, rust, Lin Mu room half door will not shut. Brush Cup is dirty ... lots of mosquitoes in the room. 3. air conditioning is centralized, but too noisy 4. door does not lock, security is a big problem 5. big TV about 14 inches6. plug is not available 7. wireless network very slow, often not specify connect error
  • e00030501
    Location facility is the Guest House level, die hard
  • bingioo
    Is a mid-range hotel, surrounding subway is convenient, out here, older, but cheap! eat, anything around!
  • ConradYu
    Hotel environment is good, great shopping
  • raulwsy
    Hotel adjacent Tianhe city, Guangzhou department store, and a street, commercial center, traffic convenience, to Metro mouth, Mall only 5 minutes walk line away. facilities somewhat old, standard old Samsung configuration, but health status also line, live 2nd, floor is quiet, no noise. Special for ahead of a days to Guangzhou shopping, shopping, second days took aircraft holiday of small partners accommodation.
  • tianruoci
    General, the biggest advantage is the location!
  • D210351
    In General, it is too old
  • lucy770423
    Location is good and convenient, close to shopping, very good
  • seliya1988
    Rooms are too old
  • rebecca0102
    Position absolute good, is the departure point of many day trip to Guangzhou, which is very convenient. facilities are good, quiet, second floor. is perfect for home tour, and Guangzhou tour, the next day.
  • jason312989181
    Good location, convenient transportation
  • cboss
    Facilities are old and service well. the surrounding environment, in order to watch live. I still forget, after all, the facility is too old.
  • Betty
    Except the roads good, nothing good
  • Flynn
    Is a little old, but overall very good!
  • fanli0317
    Old hotel corridors taste very unpleasant smell, room a little bit better, but the traffic is very convenient, near the subway station.
  • daodaow
    Very good
  • blj123
    Hotel location is very good, near the city centre, the rooms are good
  • amendawan
    Rooms are too old, convenient.
  • e02388000
    Convenient, close to Metro station, next to shopping, eating easy
  • caiyi
    I just want to say that now the worst hotels, Deluxe double room to me, says this is an old hotel called the front desk can't cannot be refunded, changed a room slightly better, Hey, really speechless! grew more and more gas, immediately to bad reviews!
  • salrin
    Hotel facilities-the old location convenient to see requirements
  • lily88188
    Hotel location is good, from Metro sports West station export five minutes on go to hotel, near has purchased Book Center, Victoria, in the Yi, Tianhe city, shopping is convenient, key is to second days to Guangzhou East station ride, Metro Line 3 line two station on to has, room is clean of, is facilities simple some, furniture equipment some old has, service is good, has problem timely solution.
  • armier
    Room facilities in General, feel quite old, but OK. but I have to say is that this hotel's location is excellent-right next to broad hundred general merchandise and teem! from the Metro station is also very close. really easy-
  • goboy
    Location very good traffic, which is very convenient to supermarket, shopping mall, place to eat a lot, conveniently located hotel is a bit old, the facility has adequate mosquito bit.
  • dynsty
    It's OK
  • luosword
    That's good!
  • foenix
    That Deluxe rooms are worse than ordinary room
  • Jxdwdeng
    Good location, quiet, breakfast OK. but obsolete equipment, special TV is too old, should have updated the General Manager should be aware of the problem of ageing equipment. Wang listened to customer feedback, update. next time don't live here.
  • cmxxj
    Environment is good, beds are not big enough, others are very good, if fruits will be better
  • nanjuepp
    Which is very nice
  • CCTsang
    Convenient from the Tianhe city just 3 minutes on foot
  • Lee721
    Hotel is Rod, modern building, service also is good, but location hard to find, and lobby also is not address of that article road, on to friends said this hotel good only to of, main is next of Lake to hotel added has points, then said about room type, room type difference not is big, price high, eat of live of are compared first-class, rooms waiter do health also is carefully, Qian Office do staying Shi front desk didn't check to I of reservation, later to a employees help I check phone only know set into tomorrow of has, andHelp me change my reservation, but overall, I highly recommend!
  • cocixia
    Location in the city center, very convenient room.